Fires of Old

Kelfecil's Tales
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A fire cult thought long lost from the world of Latakar has returned. Now, they seek to bring their deity back to the material plane, and only a willing group of adventurers can stop them...


Quick Info:

Recommended Average Party Level (APL): 10

Experience from Completion: ~31,000 XP

General Theme: Elimination

Setting: Any, Starlight Chronicles

Sessions to Finish: x1 session - x3 hours



Maps: Nova Worlds

NPC Art: Paper Mage

Music: McRoMusic


In Fires of Old, the players must accompany a cleric in her quest to purge a resurgent ancient cult of fire.


- Comes with maps and music. Links for maps and music that go with the adventure can be found inside the PDF.

- Limited availability. These adventures will only be available for our Patrons during the month they release. After that, they will only be available on our webshop for a premium price. This also applies to the converted VTT versions of this product.

- Interactive Gamebook. This adventure comes with its own interactive gamebook. This can help you introduce the story to your players in a fun and interactive way.

- Different themes. Every month, we will explore a different theme with different characters and stories.

  • A PDF with an adventure. Inside there are also links to maps and music.

  • Length
    15 pages
  • Comes with Gamebook
  • A PDF with an adventure. Inside there are also links to maps and music.
  • Length15 pages
  • Comes with GamebookYes
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Fires of Old

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